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Welcome at har.
We are a platform for contemporary art.

KEILECONTEMPORARY is an ongoing series of exhibitions on contemporary art in the ‘Keilepand’.
Initiated by har. and the Keile Collective in 2019 we have been a podium for a variety of artists including:

Marina Heuvelman . Hannah Fletcher . Karen van de Vliet . Christian Thømsen . Rob Vis . Maaike Kramer . Lucius Pax . Andrea Radai . Lilian Kreutzberger . John Ryan Brubaker . Frank Havermans . Elma Čavčić . Wietse Eeken . Johan Gelper . Magnus Vatvedt . Zhixin Liao . Sander Bokkinga . Tamara Dees . Pim Palsgraaf

Keilestraat 9F 3029BP Rotterdam
inquiries and reservations: welcome(at)

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