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//Welcome at har.
is a cross-over art platform for non-linear contemporary art.
We are both an online and realtime gallery.
Offering you the opportunity to experience and buy online and in realtime at exhibitions, art fairs and studio visits.

In respect to the preventive measures taken against the COVID-19 pandemic we will suspend all our real-time exhibitions and events until further notice.

And as we are all coming to grips with the effects of this new reality we will keep you updated on the works of our artists online.

Please take care of each other during these troubled times.

//Art is still here 

At this moment we are converting our website to accommodate online exhibitions.
Please follow our posts on instagram to keep updated on the latest developments. We believe now – if any – is the time art can prove it’s value. Art has to power to unite, contemplate, be critical and offer hope and consolation. We will try make an honest contribution, hope you will join us in the time to come?
For that reason we will start with a series of online exhibitions called – Art is still here – showing you the works of our artists and invite others.
Stay tuned!

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