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Welcome at har.
Join us for our next KEILECONTEMPORARY which will take place during Rotterdam Art Week!
From May 19th to 22th (2022) Rotterdam will be the contemporary Art capitol of Europe.

KEILECONTEMPORARY is an ongoing series of exhibitions on contemporary art in the ‘Keilepand’.
Initiated by har. and the Keile Collective in 2019 we have been a podium for a variety of artists including:

Marina Heuvelman . Hannah Fletcher . Karen van de Vliet . Christian Thømsen . Rob Vis . Maaike Kramer . Lucius Pax . Andrea Radai . Lilian Kreutzberger . John Ryan Brubaker . Frank Havermans . Elma Čavčić . Wietse Eeken . Johan Gelper . Magnus Vatvedt . Zhixin Liao . Sander Bokkinga . Tamara Dees . Pim Palsgraaf

Keilestraat 9F 3029BP Rotterdam
inquiries and reservations: welcome(at)

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