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Revered or despised our mega-cities are a source of inspiration within our era.
Each artists chooses a specific place of departure and position for their works within the Metropolis.
Art which refers to their perception as position to their habitat yet remains pensive and autonomous.
Unscaved by the ploy of mere ambition and strive as an uncharted world.

Please join us at the official opening on Saturday June 15th at 17:00 at the Keilepand!
We’ll be showing works by:

Maaike Kramer, Lilian Kreutzberger, John Ryan Brubaker, Rob Vis and Frank Havermans.


june 15 – july 7
Keilestraat 9F
3029 BP Rotterdam [NL]

keilecontemporary is an initiative by har. art gallery en het Keilecollectief.

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