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har. art gallery and OPEN bondgenootschap in de kunst
present artists Petra Knötschke and Wilco Kwerreveld at:
A temporary exhibition during Hoogtij#57 and the weekend
of the 25th and 26th of May.

Petra Knötschke’s works occupy an alternate space.
Her ‘Constructs’ subtly intervene our world opening up alternate
ways of seeing.
Made from retrieved materials like cardboard, wood, rope and wallpaper can be regarded
as humorous, disarming and emotional. Each scale introduces a new perspective and relation, becomes an entity.

Wilco Kwerreveld’s works are a testament to his years of enduring research and interaction with nature in which he portrays both it’s strength as it’s frailty.

His wall-sculptures or ‘hammered drawings’ cap- ture an essence of each of the different animals he depicts.

Veenkade 136 The Hague.

You can experience the exhibition during Hoogtij on May 24 from 18 to 23 hrs.
And during the weekend of May 25 -26 from 12 to 17hrs.  

//INBOUND is collaboration by har. art gallery and OPEN bondgenootschap voor de kunst

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