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Hailey Atkins’ is a Brisbane (AU) based sculptural artist whose practice focuses on navigating and articulating
experiences related to ‘not-knowing’ and being ‘in-between’.
Using playful, gestural form and materiality, she seeks to present a relatable, uplifting experience of self-doubt and never ending existential worrying – an alternate vision of the world occupied by objects that remind us sense doesn’t need to be made of everything.

Atkins graduated at Queensland College of Art (Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons – Class I)) and has exhibited frequently across multiple states in Australia, as well as in Utrecht and Rotterdam. She was recently selected as a finalist of Churchie National Emerging Art Prize 2018 (AU) and is co- founder and director of Wreckers Artspace in Brisbane, Australia.
Essay on Hailey’s work by Miranda Hine

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