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Christian Thømsen is an Amsterdam based artist graduated from Royal Academy (KABK) in Fine Arts.
His work – paintings, installations and sculptures – envelop the reciprocity of creation and destruction. These themes are set out in fairy-tale / game-like atmosphere where each actions has it’s own consequence.

Christian has participated in a number of expositions; ‘Best of Graduates 2017’ at Ron Mandos,  SBK ‘Young Sprouts 2017’ Amsterdam, ‘On your Own’ Haagse Kunstkring, KoMASK “Painting Master Salon 2017″, Antwerpen, ‘DATING’ Nouvelles Images, De Vlieg “Indicator Groupshow”, HaarlemDe Vlieg ‘Canvas Koorts’ Haarlem and De Aanschouw “Portal in Public Space”, Rotterdam

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